Brow Artistry and Eyelash extensions

Eyebrow Design

I'm a Certified Brow Artist International® salon trained to

artistically restore the brow to the fullest potential.

Brow Artistry is seeing and creating the beauty in each

individual brow and using real artistic talents to follow

through with the design.


Eyebrow design with a free consultation about your

"Ultimate Brow"  ™ this is a natural brow restoration

through artistry. 1 hr $75

2 weeks maintenance $40

3 weeks maintenance $45

4 week+ maintenance

redesign required $55


Add on service

Lip wax $10

Eyelash tint $20


Eyelash Lift

It is a fantastic alternative to  lash extensions.


- Eyes appear brighter, fresher, and more youthful in a     most natural way.

- Suitable for short or long lashes.

- Last up to 8 weeks depends on your lash cycle phase.

- Lash tint included $75



Eyelash Extensions

Magdalena specialise in long lasting, semi-permanent

eyelash extensions the fastest growing beauty treatment in Australia.


Classic Eyelash Extensions

This fine, delicate work requires skilled hands

to ensure the loveliest result.

Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to achieve

care-free beauty without eye makeup. You can wake up

every morning with stunning lashes, and one less thing to

worry about in your busy day!

This process involves placing individual lashes on your

own natural lashes. The lashes will last as long as your natural

eyelash life cycle, which ranges between 60 and 90 days.


Volume Eyelash Extensions

3D to 4D Volume Lashes (also known as Russian Lashes)

use the 3:1 & 4:1 application technique “multiple ultra-fine

extensions applied to 1 natural eyelash” with a selection

of faux Mink or faux Silk eyelash extensions which is pretty

much new to Australia.



To keep the fullness of your eyelash extensions, infills are

required every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your personal

lash cycle and how full you want your lashes to look.

A new set will be required for 4 weeks and over.

Eyelash Extensions


Classic Sets 1 extension to 1 natural lash.


3/4 Classic Set 90 min   $85

Full Classic Set 120 min   $120

60 min Classic Refill $65

75 min Classic Refill $80

90 min Classic Refill $95


Hybrid Lashes - A mix of classic and volume lashes.


Hybrid Full Set 120-150 mins $150

60 min Hybrid Refill $80

75 min Hybrid Refill $90

90 min Hybrid Refills $105


Russian Volume Lashes - 3-7 fine lashes per natural lash.


Russian Volume 4D-6D 180 min $170

60 min Russian Volume Refill $85

75 min Russian Volume Refill $110

90 min Russian Volume Refill $130


Eyelash Extension Removal  $35

safe, pain-free and non-damaging.